Oracle customers have been using Compendium to organize and deliver their blog content since Oracle’s acquisition of the platform in 2013. Now, Compendium is being sunsetted and users need to quickly decide how to migrate their content to a new platform before it’s lost forever. Oracle is directing users to migrate their content to Oracle Content Management (formerly called Oracle Content & Experience, OCE, and CX Content) for a similar experience, but where do they begin? This is where Fishbowl steps in.

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 Fishbowl has executed dozens of migrations for Oracle customers across various platforms over our 20 years in business, and we are ready to assist companies with their migrations from Compendium to Oracle Content Management (OCM). Our first step is to get the content migrated from Compendium before it disappears, all the while keeping key metadata in place. Oracle has released new “Get started” content bundles for OCM that lays the groundwork for contribution and helps visualize what blog-related content in OCM can look like to end users. This bundle can be imported to any OCM environment, and contains assets such as Article, Topic, Author, and more to help categorize and define blogs.

Compendium had a seemingly endless set of features for marketing-specific use cases that users may or may not have been taking advantage of. OCM will provide a clean, simple interface to navigate, and the tools to create and publish a more streamlined blog, out-of-the-box. The platform also provides a robust set of development tools to extend and customize the blogging experience for contributors. Fishbowl Solutions can help tailor the platform to fit all the features any marketing team needs from Compendium, or even build some that did not exist before. Adding train stops to see how each new blog post is progressing, creating meaningful new metadata fields for improved classification, writing tips and comments, workflow information, internal conversations, collaboration features, and more could be added as the company sees fit, to improve on the experience they relied on from Compendium.

An additional feature available with OCM is site creation within OCM Sites, part of the same platform hosting the content. Content migrated from Compendium can be featured within rich user interfaces and leverage all the backend data maintained during the migration so content can be easier to find than ever before. With all the content and site features centralized in one area, maintaining and generating new content is painless.

One last question decisionmakers may be asking themselves when moving to a new platform is how to get their teams up and running quickly and efficiently. Fishbowl works closely with our clients to offer training and thorough documentation to assist all users on how to use the OCM platform, best practices, and more. By working with Fishbowl through analysis of your existing content and developing a migration strategy to OCM, our teams will be in sync on the most effective way to ensure the new platform exceeds Compendium for your organization.

Are you interested in learning more about migrating assets from Compendium to OCM or customization options? Contact us for a demo and discussion with our teams. Fill out the contact form below or email us at We are more than happy to answer your questions.


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