Fishbowl Solutions announces general availability of the PTC Windchill Connector for Google Cloud Search

Integration brings the power and insights of Google Search to Windchill content

August 28, 2018

Fishbowl Global Headquarters – Minneapolis, MN

Fishbowl Solutions, a PTC and Google partner, has announced the general availability of their PTC Windchill Connector for Google Cloud Search. The PTC Windchill Connector enables comprehensive indexing of Windchill content and metadata by Cloud Search. This includes documents, CAD files, WTParts, promotion requests, and change objects from ProjectLink and PartsLink. The Connector intelligently indexes PDF viewables, native files, and HTML renditions in order provide a highly relevant experience to search users.

Last month, Google announced an update to their Cloud Search product enabling support for third-party connectors and integrations with non-Google data sources both on-premise and in the cloud. As a Google partner, Fishbowl Solutions has been working with pre-release versions of Cloud Search since early this year. Fishbowl has also been collaborating with Google Engineering and several Trusted Tester customers in order to develop integrations with both Windchill and Oracle WebCenter.

“[Cloud Search] is about giving employees access to all the information from across the enterprise, even if it’s traditionally siloed data, whether that’s in a database or a legacy productivity tool and make all of that available in a single index,” Google explained. “We are essentially taking all of Google expertise in search and are applying it to your enterprise content.”

The new version of Cloud Search is currently available to a select number of Trusted Tester customers with general availability expected in the coming months. Cloud Search will be offered both as a G Suite Enterprise feature and as a standalone product called Google Cloud Search Platform. The PTC Windchill Connector for Google Cloud Search is available directly from Fishbowl Solutions.

About Fishbowl Solutions

Fishbowl Solutions was founded in 1999. Their areas of expertise include enterprise content management, enterprise search, and product lifecycle management. Fishbowl Solutions is a Google Cloud partner whose offerings include resale, implementation services, support, and off-the-shelf software for Google Cloud Search.

Fishbowl Solutions provides a competitive advantage in the market due to its own suite of add-on software. Fishbowl’s products extend Mindbreeze, Google Cloud Search, Oracle WebCenter and PTC applications to enhance their functionality and help customers around the globe do more with the resources and systems they have.


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