Answer COVID-19 and HR Questions with a Human Resources Digital Assistant

An Oracle Digital Assistant (Chatbot) to Answer Company-specific Coronavirus Questions

Fishbowl Solutions wants to help organizations provide Coronavirus (COVID-19) information inside their organizations. Information regarding symptoms, prevention, and human resources available. To help drive the flow of accurate Coronavirus information, and help you handle the increase in volume of questions to your human resources departments or hotlines, we’ve built an a Coronavirus digital assistant and a company-specific HR digital assistant that can be deployed to your website or intranet. This digital assistant is intended to provide responses to Coronavirus-related questions to help employees get quick answers to FAQs, check schedules, find benefit information, and request leaves of absence.

This digital assistant is available today to be customized to exactly what your company needs.

To Obtain the HR Digital Assistant with Coronavirus Information:

  1. Demo the digital assistant on this page. Click the icon in the bottom right corner.
  2. Contact Fishbowl Solutions at to discuss your implementation and customization options. 

Digital assistants are here. Let's use them to make a difference.

We’d love to discuss ideas for process automation in your organization using the Oracle Digital Assistant platform.