Mobile Design and Development for Oracle Utilities Network Management System

Enhanced and mobilized Oracle NMS data visualization using Oracle JET.

Fishbowl Solutions has been building mobile applications for over nine years. This experience makes us ready to help your company design and develop a better performing mobile application for Oracle Utilities Network Management System (Oracle NMS). We understand how User Experience (UX) is the critical component for mobile adoption and use, as well as how good design leads to more effective and efficient business processes driven by the mobile app. To achieve this, we leverage the latest mobile and web design frameworks to build mobile applications with the best UX possible.

Extend Oracle NMS Capabilities and Transform User Experiences with Oracle JET.

Fishbowl’s approach to create a better Oracle Utilities Operations Mobile Application (OMA) is to use Apache Cordova and Oracle JET. This allows us to take a hybrid mobile approach and use web technologies to create the experience, while also being able to leverage native capabilities on the devices. By using this approach, we can re-use a large percentage of the code on both the mobile application and the portal/website application, helping to reduce the overall development costs.
Augmented Reality Vuforia PTC

A better mobile experience for Oracle NMS.

Fishbowl Solutions is the premier co-development and implementation partner for Oracle’s Utilities Operations Mobile Application (OMA). Here is a summary of our consulting services:



Wireframes, grey screen mapping, user journeys.


Integrate with Google Analytics or other platforms.


Data sources, identity management, single sign on.


Project scoping, installation, testing.

Transform the OMA user experience and get more value out of Oracle NMS by mobilizing its content.

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