Microsoft Office document editing—simplified.

Fishbowl’s Office Online Server Connector for Oracle WebCenter Content is a solution that enables Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint content that is stored in WebCenter to be edited using Microsoft Office Online Server. Using the connector, users can immediately access, simultaneously edit, and then save such content back to WebCenter—without ever having to invoke check-in/check-out screens.

No more WebCenter check-in screens.

Transparent check out and in process based on user editing sessions.


Simplified content editing.

Edit content directly from WebCenter through online versions of Microsoft Office.


Maintain version control.

Ensure WebCenter remains the repository for all versions of Office documents.

Make it easy for everyone to use Oracle WebCenter Content.

Microsoft Office icons.

Permission-based icons and text queues within the standard 11g and 12c interface of Oracle WebCenter help users identify Office content. 

Two-clicks to begin editing content.

Microsoft Office content loads in the browser directly within a user’s WebCenter session. No more downloading and saving files offline.

Check in and out content automatically.

Users beginning an editing session lock (check out) the content item, and the items gets unlocked (checked in) when they are done.

In-context document collaboration.

Invite others to join editing sessions.

Send invites to other users directly from Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint editing sessions.

Simultaneously edit content.

Work on content edits with multiple people and see their edits in real time.

Add, view, and reply to comments.

See comments from other users denoted by messaging icons.

Simple features for effective content management and collaboration.


Browser Editing

Perform edits in WebCenter with familiar Office programs.

Simple Collaboration

Share and simultaneously edit content with other users.


Managed Versions

Transparent check out/in process keeps all versions in WebCenter.

Office Icons

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint icons appear with content items in WebCenter search results.


Content Info Access

Link back to an item’s content info page.


Version Access

View, restore, or download previous versions of content.

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Pair the best in enterprise content management from WebCenter with the simple and intuitive content editing and collaboration capabilities of Microsoft Office with our Office Online Server Connector for Oracle WebCenter Content.

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