WebCenter Content Tools to Increase User Productivity

person types on desktop computer keyboard showcasing productivity

Without simple ways for users to update, assemble, and ensure document properties and associated metadata are in sync, organizations will continue to struggle with content silos, findability, and non-compliance with governing standards. Watch our webinar recording as we highlight Fishbowl’s user productivity tools for WebCenter that solve these business problems. This webinar will cover:

  • Business problems caused by electronic and native documents getting out of sync, content being stored in disparate repositories, and the difficulty in quickly assembling several content items into a master document or manual
  • Manual process involved to attempt to solve these problems of not having purpose-built tools to solve the above
  • Fishbowl products that can solve the business problems above
  • Demo of Fishbowl’s end-to-end solution that automates the process to effectively manage, update, and repurpose high-value content like a SOW