Software for the Mindbreeze InSpire Enterprise Search Appliance

Specialized software. Superior search.

At Fishbowl Solutions, we apply our deep knowledge of Oracle WebCenter and PTC Windchill to craft tightly integrated search software products for Mindbreeze InSpire.


Software Mindbreeze Inspire

Oracle WebCenter Content Connector for Mindbreeze InSpire

Integrate Oracle WebCenter Content with Mindbreeze InSpire to enrich search and easily find documents.

Mindbreeze Authentication Provider for Oracle WebCenter Portal

Create seamless login between WebCenter Portal and Mindbreeze when performing secure searches.

PTC Windchill Connector for Mindbreeze InSpire

Search CAD documents, WTParts, Promotion Requests and Change Objects from PTC Windchill.

Mindbreeze InSpire Connector for Oracle WebCenter Content

Complete. Robust. WebCenter Content indexing.

Fishbowl’s connector indexes metadata and document full-text from Oracle WebCenter. It’s highly configurable giving you control over your search experience while harnessing Mindbreeze relevancy.

Complex WebCenter security? No problem.

Support for a wide range of security configurations lets you maintain WebCenter access controls. Built-in authentication allows single sign-on between WebCenter and Mindbreeze.

Your search apps. In WebCenter.

A beautiful, built-in search interface is included with the connector. Add elements like timelines, charts, and galleries using the Mindbreeze Search App Designer to customize your WebCenter search experience.
Software Mindbreeze Inspire

Mindbreeze Authentication Provider for Oracle WebCenter Portal

Software Mindbreeze Inspire

Seamless security. Solved.

Automatically pass user credentials from WebCenter Portal to Mindbreeze. Users see the secure content they expect without extra login prompts or popups.

Personalized results. Delivered.

Saved searches, content aggregation, and personalized relevancy. Mindbreeze gives users the unique experience they expect.

PTC Windchill Connector for Mindbreeze InSpire

Complete indexing for PTC Windchill.

Index Windchill content and metadata, including documents, CAD files, WTParts, promotion requests, and change objects from ProjectLink and PartsLink.

Windchill security. We've got you covered.

The connector supports multiple security configurations including user and group-level authorization for documents, projects, and libraries.

Intelligent content feeding. Intuitive content finding.

PDF viewable. Native content. Dynamic HTML. The connector always feeds the most relevant information to Mindbreeze so you can easily find content when you need it.
Windchill connector

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