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Oracle’s strategic focus on WebCenter Technology in its Marketplace marks a pivotal shift in content management solutions. With Oracle Content Management transitioning to End of Life status, enterprises can now exclusively leverage WebCenter’s robust capabilities for enterprise content management, portal development, and web experience management.

Moreover, Oracle Marketplace offers a Bring Your Own License (BYOL) option, accelerating deployment of WebCenter Content, Imaging & Enterprise Capture 12c within Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. This streamlined approach signifies Oracle’s commitment to providing organizations with a centralized platform for content management and collaboration.

Explore Oracle Marketplace for WebCenter to streamline your content management processes and enhance collaboration within your enterprise:

Key Features


Enterprise Content Management

Streamline the organization, storage, and retrieval of digital content across the enterprise, ensuring efficient content lifecycle management.

Portal Development

Create centralized digital hubs for accessing information, resources, and applications, fostering collaboration and improving user engagement.

Web Experience Management

Enhance the user experience across digital channels by optimizing content delivery, personalization, and interaction, driving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Oracle Marketplace Subscription Offering

WebCenter Content for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

WebCenter Sites for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure


WebCenter Universal Content Management for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

WebCenter Enterprise Capture for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

WebCenter Portal For Oracle Cloud Infrastructure


WebCenter Enterprise Capture Standard Edition for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

WebCenter Imaging for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

WebCenter Forms Recognition for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

WebCenter Sites Satellite Server for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Leveraging The Integrated Capabilities of Oracle WebCenter

Oracle WebCenter is an integrated set of tools and technologies designed for building and managing business portals, enterprise content management (ECM), and collaboration applications. It provides a comprehensive platform to help organizations enhance their business processes, improve collaboration, and manage content efficiently.

Oracle WebCenter Gold Partner

Key features of Oracle WebCenter include: 

Content Management, Portal Framework, Collaboration Tools, Integration with Business Applications, Personalization, Security and Access Control, and Workflow Automation. Oracle WebCenter is designed to help organizations create a centralized and integrated digital workspace, fostering collaboration, content management, and business process improvement. 

Empowering Cloud Success: Key Components of the Marketplace Concept


The Marketplace Concept offers access to a wide range of products and solutions from Oracle and other trusted vendors tailored to business needs. Key components include:

    1. Resource Manager: A fully managed service automating provisioning using Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) based on Terraform.
    2. Compute: Scalable, on-demand computing resources in the cloud for deploying and managing virtual machines, containers, and applications.
    3. Bastion: Securely access cloud infrastructure and manage remote connections to enhance network security.
    4. VCN (Virtual Cloud Network): Customize and build virtual networks to connect and isolate cloud resources, ensuring seamless communication and data privacy.
    5. Load Balancer: Distribute incoming traffic across multiple compute instances to improve application performance and reliability.
    6. Database: Leverage Oracle’s industry-leading solutions for high-performance, scalable, and secure data management in the cloud.

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Software for Oracle WebCenter Content

Document control. Workflow. Security. Our wide range of add-ons make WebCenter easier to administer and easier to use.

Services for Oracle WebCenter Content

WebCenter security. Rules and profiles. Workflow design. Idoc script. And custom components. We can do that.

Services for Oracle WebCenter Portal

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