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Fishbowl Solutions aims to help organizations enhance employees’ search capabilities by optimizing Elastic.

Elastic builds real-time, scalable enterprise search, observability, and security solutions on a single free and open technology stack that can be deployed anywhere. Thousands of organizations worldwide use Elastic to instantly find actionable insights from any type of data and power mission-critical systems. 


Elastic Enterprise Connector for Oracle WebCenter Content

Complete. Robust. WebCenter Content indexing.

Fishbowl’s connector indexes metadata and document full-text from Oracle WebCenter. It’s highly configurable giving you control over your search experience while harnessing Elastic’s relevancy.

Complex WebCenter security? No problem.

Support for a wide range of security configurations lets you maintain WebCenter access controls. Built-in authentication allows single sign-on between WebCenter and Elastic. 

Enchanced. Adaptable. User-Friendly Search Experience.

No more confusing layouts – updated and clear search capabilities. Improved WebCenter steps to search and find the most relevant documents.

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Oracle WebCenter Content Connector for Elastic Enterprise Search

Integrate Oracle WebCenter Content with Elastic to enrich search and easily find documents.

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