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Expert design, integration, and implementation services for the Oracle Digital Assistant platform.

Fishbowl Solutions is the leading developer for the Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) platform. We can design and implement a digital assistant specific to your business needs. Our team will help validate your use case, design conversational interfaces, and integrate your backend data systems.

Oracle Digital Assistant and Generative AI

Find out how Fishbowl Solutions helped this large Office Supply Retailer implement a ChatGPT integration with the customer’s Service Cloud environment to improve efficiency and reduce risk.

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Digital Assistants for customer and employee service, sales enablement, and more.

Customer Service

Deflect routine requests away from call centers. Use digital assistants on corporate websites or company Facebook pages for account administration, finding store locations, ordering and canceling services, and tracking packages.

Employee Service

Ease onboarding with a digital assistant that guides new employees through process orientation and training. Help them get quick answers to FAQs, submit IT service requests, check schedules, find benefit information, and request PTO.

Sales Enablement

Help sales reps look up contacts, enter leads, and update opportunities. Quickly direct them to sales and marketing materials. On the other hand, sales managers can use a digital assistant to view real-time pipeline and forecast data.

Digital Assistants in action.


This office supply retailer implemented a digital assistant on their website. They are now able to deflect 30% of requests away from live agents, leading to an annual savings of $250,000.

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Riders on a theme park roller coaster


This amusement park company implemented a mobile-ready digital assistant on their employee portal. The digital assistant helps employees quickly view schedules and other HR-related information.

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Digital assistants are being used on utility companies’ websites to report outages, view bills, and service transfers. They are also helping workers in the field respond to service requests or look up parts information.


This newspaper company scaled their customer service department without adding headcount. A digital assistant on their website is handling issues with missed delivery, damaged papers, and more.

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Employee serving two fast food meals

Restaurant Chain

This Fortune 500 fast food company is using a digital assistant to simplify HR processes. Employees are using it to request transfers, initiate promotions, and check PTO balances.

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Conversational flow design

Fishbowl conversational flow design starts with persona mapping and user journeys. We then give the digital assistant a voice aligned with your brand. Next, we build the intents using the out-of-the-box skills and add visual cues and menu options to make it easy to interact with. Lastly, we add security parameters and the desired levels of personalization.

Connect to Oracle Service Cloud, HCM Cloud, Zendesk, and more

Empower digital assistance for sophisticated conversations by connecting to backend systems like Oracle Service Cloud, PeopleSoft Human Capital Management, or third-party applications such as Zendesk, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and more.

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