Webinar: How MPMLink Can Transform Your Operations

Fishbowl Solutions’ Rick Passolt and Ross Jessen hosted a webinar June 16th where they shared PTC Windchill MPMLink’s ability to improve upstream and downstream manufacturing, associate SKUs to parts and assemblies, set part locations in specific plants, and more. They walked through a demo of the multiple uses of MPMLink and how it can better assist your manufacturing and design teams with buy/make decisions and determining where goods are located at each plant.

Additionally, hear why MPMLink is a tool your business needs in order to create a design and manufacturing environment that keeps on time, runs smoothly, and has little conflict in determining next steps.

This presentation is new content that was not presented at LiveWorx 2020.


Don’t have time to watch the full webinar? Watch the demo-only portion as Ross Jessen walks us through several actions MPMLink is capable of to transform your operations.