Single Page Applications

For Oracle WebCenter Portal

Develop better-performing, more visually appealing portals.

Improve the performance and user experience of Oracle WebCenter Portal with Single-Page Applications.

The Best Possible Portal UX and UI

Pure Oracle ADF-based portals suffer from poor performance, limit front-end user experience (UX) development, and are time and cost intensive. Fishbowl Solutions is able to provide the best possible UX and flexible user interface (UI) for WebCenter Portal users, while enhancing the performance of ADF taskflows with Single Page Applications (SPA).

Why SPA for Oracle WebCenter Portal?

Enhanced Portal Performance

Client side asset rendering
ADF back-end serving
Mobile friendly

Increased Flexibility

Expose modular components on pages
Full HTML and CSS controls
Leverage Oracle JET, ReactJS, Angular or other front-end design platform

More Value & ROI

Less testing and code compiling
Decreased time to market
Increased adoption

Deliver Exceptional Portal Experiences

Looking to improve the performance of your employee, customer, or partner portal? Fishbowl’s modular SPA framework includes components that act as progressive web applications and can be dropped onto pages from the portal resource catalog. Say goodbye to slow page loads, poor response times, and janky scrolling.

Want to know more?

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