Oracle Content Management Consulting Services

Experience the next generation of collaborative content management and asset delivery.

Oracle Content Management enables customers to leverage content management, collaboration, and mobile-first site building capabilities within a central content hub. Fishbowl has extensive experience across mobile-first web design, digital asset management, and overall content management. This makes us the preferred Oracle Content Management partner to help your organization build and deliver omnichannel experiences around content.


Empowering Your Content Management Journey


Asset Management

From creating a content repository to defining content localization policies, our experts guide you through every step of OCM Asset Management

Content Sites

Whether it’s a simple landing page, a customer portal, or harnessing headless content capabilities, our seasoned consultants optimize your use of Oracle Content Management Sites features

Document Management

Optimize your document workflows with Oracle Content Management. Our experts assist in implementing efficient document management strategies, leveraging features like pre-built connectors, an extensible API, and more.

Don’t just manage content.
Use it to engage customers.

Oracle Content Management (OCM) provides a powerful yet simple platform for companies to leverage their high-value content to engage customers. Whether this involves making it easier to share and collaborate on creative assets to be used in a marketing campaign, or building an interactive, mobile-ready website; Fishbowl Solutions can help you deploy and utilize the system for your specific use case.

Expert services = optimized investment.



Analysis & Implementation Planning
On-Premise Integrations
Content & Portal Migrations
Security Analysis & Implementation
User Experience Design


Application Integration
Cloud Content Browser
Static Page Updates


Art of the Possible
Use Case Demos

Bring employees and information together.

By leveraging Fishbowl’s Oracle Content Management for an Employee Engagement Portal, companies can quickly deploy a one-stop, mobile portal with content management, collaboration, and social capabilities to drive better employee engagement. 

Success Stories: Oracle Content Management in Action

E-commerce Use Case

A retail industry leader with vast product lines partnered with Fishbowl Solutions to streamline content access across NetSuite, Shopify, Big Commerce, and Oracle Content Management (OCM). Marketing achieved swift, IT-free imagery changes, and synchronization efficiency, creating a centralized source of truth for digital assets and saving valuable time.

Agency Microsites Use Case

A mutual insurance company partnered with Fishbowl Solutions for an Oracle Content Management migration, part of their Corporate Digital Transformation. Seeking streamlined contribution across 5+ websites, Fishbowl delivered a customized solution empowering business users and ensuring compliance.

Employee Portal Use Case

A government department overseeing a vast cadet and volunteer network sought to overcome limitations with their SharePoint site. OCM implementation resulted in a streamlined contribution model, addressing usability issues and enabling rapid microsite integration. 

Voice of the customer.

“We’ve worked with Fishbowl Solutions on many different Oracle Content Management projects over the last seven years and our most recent project with them, which happened to be our largest, was also our best managed overall. Using Oracle Content and Experience Cloud Service with Fishbowl enabled us to expedite communications between project teams, and keep project deliverable content in one central location for easy access. This all helped us launch our new employee portal on time and on budget.” 

Systems Developer, National Insurance Company

Use your content to engage.

Want to learn more about Fishbowl’s services for Oracle Content Management? Reach out to us and learn how we can help you build more engagement around your content.