The Fishbowl hackathon team headed out to San Francisco on Friday September 29th with Chatbots on the brain.  Their goal was to develop a solution that would improve sales productivity and margin as well as to improve executive insights and information access by allowing 24/7 conversational access to a sales pipeline.  And so the sales assistant chatbot was born.

The team spent the following 2 days writing code, utilizing Oracle’s cloud based services, and preparing their presentation for the judges.

The solution was dubbed SalesBot – The Intelligent Chatbot that adds optimization and Machine Learning to data access.  SalesBot would enable staff to:

Prepare for Sales Calls


  • View Customer Order history
  • List Past Work engagements
  • See Purchased Products

Manage Day to Day workloads

  • Create service Requests
  • Update and query contacts
  • View support tickets

Query Pricing Datasets

  • Quote estimates based on historical pricing data
  • Optimize margins
  • Estimate time to failure of parts

Congratulations to our team of Andy Weaver, Danny LeSage, John Sim, Matt Hornung,  and Tom Johnson.  We will be applying what we learned by expanding our already existing chatbot Atlas.  For more information or to see a demo contact