A National Laboratory has been utilizing PTC Windchill PDMLink for CAD Data Management and other general PDM functions, but they wanted to do more with Windchill. The obvious leap was to implement PDMLink change management functionality, but the National Laboratory did not have enough resources to support this on their own. Knowing the importance of this project, the Lab wanted to work with experts to ensure they had an optimized system deployed. That’s when they reached out to partner with Fishbowl Solutions. When it comes to engineering change management, organizations like the National Laboratory are trying to make better informed decisions earlier in the process so they can implement process improvements, eliminate costly issues, and get successful projects/products to market faster. However, many organizations are still using an “electronic paper-based” process that doesn’t incorporate true workflow with task driven activity in a closed loop system that can surface information to all key stake holders.

Leveraging a Best Practice Approach

Fishbowl spent time with the National Laboratory to understand their “As-Is” processes as well as their goals and requirements for the “To-Be” system. Through this discovery process, Fishbowl was able to review with the Lab how their requirements matched against the standard out-of-the-box PDMLink change management process. Gaps were analyzed, and redundant steps noted.

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