Our team at Fishbowl Solutions has completed several major Oracle Digital Assistant implementations over the past year and are primed to complete even more in 2020. Continuous learning and intellectual agility are part of our company’s core values, so we sent Scott Wall, on our software consulting team, to Oracle’s most recent training in Dallas, TX: Oracle’s Digital Assistant for Software as a Service (ODA for SaaS) Partner Training.

Scott spent two days in hands-on classes where he built, designed, and integrated a new ODA. Throughout the training he discussed new Oracle HCM SKU offerings, ODA as an Agent functionality, and reinforced best practices in bot development and conversational design. Oracle’s ODA offers a few benefits the competition doesn’t: out of the box integration with Service Cloud, versatility with channels and backends, and SaaS SKUs. These features allow Oracle Digital Assistant to integrate seamlessly with its own products, while also allowing full, robust integrations with other applications, backends, and channels.

While the training guided attendees through the basics of building their first ODA, Scott was able to incorporate his experience at Fishbowl and assist other partner attendees with their own chatbot builds, as well as their questions about implementation and common issues he runs into when working on new ODA projects.

Spending time with members of Oracle’s Digital Assistant product development team, Scott was able to gain insight into future Oracle projects and ODA features, and brought that knowledge back to the office where he’s ready and eager to share what he learned with the entire team.