Has your company recently lost technical resources that were supporting Oracle WebCenter, or has the quality of your internal and/or external support for WebCenter degraded over the years? John Lundgren, Fishbowl’s Enterprise Support Engineer, has over 13 years’ experience supporting Oracle WebCenter and details what can result from these issues and more in this on-demand webinar. Such issues as:

Content-Centric Business Problems Slow Down or Stop:

  • If content in WebCenter used to drive or support a business process cannot be accessed, checked in, or viewed properly, that business process can be interrupted, which could disrupt production and lead to revenue loss.

 Higher Risk of Sharing Inaccurate Information:

  • A non-working WebCenter system may cause users to bypass WebCenter/content management business practices and store content on other systems or locations, which increases the propensity of sharing/accessing inaccurate content.

Unable to Justify WebCenter Use or Expansion:

  • Poor or non-existent support leads to poor performing WebCenter systems, which causes user complaints that provide the impetus to stop using WebCenter altogether or not expand its use. If a decision is made to stop using WebCenter and migrate the content to another system, this process can be very expensive. If a decision is made to not expand it, this leads to less ROI as other 3rd -party content management systems may be purchased, resulting in more license fees, support fees, etc.

If your organization is looking for a dedicated and experienced WebCenter team with the expertise to support you when issues occur, Fishbowl’s Enterprise Support Service for WebCenter could help. Watch the webinar to learn more.


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