Fishbowl Solutions strives to deliver powerful and critical support and services to enterprise customers worldwide. Continuous Learning is one of Fishbowl’s core company values, and employees understand that by learning new skills and technologies they will be able to help customers even more. This month, Fishbowl’s Oracle Cloud consultants Ben Evjen, Brent Genereux, and Tom Johnson, took and passed the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Certified Architect Associate exam.

This exam includes 60 multiple-choice questions and candidates must obtain a score of 65% or above to pass. Those that that pass are said to have “an understanding of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services, and a competitive edge” over industry peers. I spoke with each of our newly OCI certified associates to hear more about what they learned about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and why they took the exam.


Tom Johnson, Fishbowl Solutions’ Software Consultant


Fishbowl Solutions Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architecture Associate Tom Johnson

Tom Johnson – Software Consultant I

Tom Johnson has been working with various Oracle infrastructure technologies since 2015. He said after completing the certification he is now ready and able to perform the actions required to set up a company’s OCI architecture and assist in migrating their on-premise application into OCI. “You definitely had to take notes and pay attention to all the videos [in order to pass the exam]”. Tom said he now feels confident in having learned the Oracle OCI offerings and capabilities, and will be able to help customers with provisioning VMs, databases, virtual cloud networks inside OCI, and the handful of storage options (file storage, object storage, databases, etc.). Tom’s takeaway of the entire process? “It can be really easy and relatively quick to migrate an on-premise architecture into OCI.”

Brent Genereux, Fishbowl Solutions’ Software Consultant


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Associate Brent Genereux

Brent Genereux – Software Consultant

“I now feel confident that I have the skills to quickly setup the necessary cloud infrastructure to move customers to the [Oracle] cloud,” said Brent. With nine years of experience at Fishbowl Solutions combined with the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Certified Architect Associate exam, Brent is ready to work on OCI projects wherein he will need to configure a virtual cloud network, provision cloud servers and load balancers, utilize Oracle cloud services, and integrate cloud infrastructure with an on-premise network. Brent’s takeaway from earning the certificate is “OCI is pretty impressive and shows a lot of promise for quickly getting cloud infrastructure provisioned.”

Ben Evjen, Fishbowl Solutions’ Software Consultant



Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Associate Ben Evjen

Ben Evjen – Software Consultant

 With 14 years’ experience with Oracle products at Fishbowl Solutions, Ben used the workshops and OCI exam to brush up on his knowledge on OCI implementations as well as learn more about new concepts like Autonomous Database and FastConnect VPN. “Oracle continues to refine and add new features to OCI,” said Ben. “Since my last OCI implementation project, there have been many changes and new features. Oracle continues to refine and add new capabilities to the service,” he added. Ben is now looking forward to helping future customers architect, implement, and support highly available environments that want to focus on high performance in OCI.



The Fishbowl team is ready to tackle your OCI project. For more information, please see our Oracle Cloud page, or reach out to us at or the contact us form below.



OCI Architect Associate Certificate for Brent Genereux