Fishbowl Solutions prides itself in delivering powerful and critical support and services to enterprise customers worldwide. Continuous learning, such as achieving a WebCenter Content certification, is one of our core company values. By learning new skills and technologies, our teams are able to better help our customers. This month, Fishbowl’s WebCenter account managers, Sabrina Mayaan, Chris Delzer, and Tim Gruidl achieved the Oracle WebCenter Content 11g Sales Specialist certification.

This exam included 30 questions and candidates must answer 80% of them correctly in order to pass. I spoke with each of them to get their take on the exam.

Sabrina Mayaan, Fishbowl Solutions’ Account Manager

Sabrina Mayaan, Fishbowl's WebCenter Account Manager, poses for a straight forward headshot with her hand under her chin

Sabrina Mayaan, Fishbowl Solutions’ WebCenter Account Manager

First, I spoke with Sabrina about the exam. “I am able to tailor my conversations to the most important features and functions for each [person I] contact,” said Sabrina after passing the exam. The training helped her pin point the most important features of WebCenter Content. With this understanding, she now feels “confident that I understand the product, its use cases, and market overview.” She is looking forward to utilizing her new WebCenter Content skills to foster relationships with her customers.

Chris Delzer, Fishbowl Solutions’ Account Manager

Chris Delzer, Fishbowl Solutions' WebCenter Account Manager, poses with his wife and two daughters

Chris Delzer, Fishbowl Solutions’ WebCenter Account Manager

Next, I spoke with Chris. “By understanding the common problems that IT leaders, Line of Business leaders, and CIOs have, [the WebCenter Content certification] will allow me the ability to ask more pointed questions in regards to their respective responsibilities,” said Chris. The exam training was very detail-oriented, according to Chris, but the exam itself gave him better insight into how our services can benefit others. Chris feels the training has given him an edge to handling customer questions and problem solving issues.

Tim Gruidl, Fishbowl Solutions’ President

Tim Gruidl, Fishbowl Solutions president, poses for a headshot photo in a black suit against a white backdrop.

Tim Gruidl, Fishbowl Solutions’ President

Following Sabrina and Chris’ interviews, I spoke with Tim. As the president of Fishbowl Solutions, Tim has made it the company’s mission to solve costly, frustrating, knowledge sharing problems. “The WebCenter Content certification training was a great knowledge refresh,” said Tim. One thing in particular he noted: “Most of the problems people were experiencing three or four years ago are the same problems others are experiencing now so we’re prepared to help them solve these issues.” Tim is excited to have our newest sales team members certified and ready to help customers solve their content management problems.

The Fishbowl team is ready to guide you on your next WebCenter project. For more information, please see our Oracle WebCenter Consulting Services page, or reach out to us at or the contact form below.

Sabrina Mayaan's Oracle WebCenter Content 11g Sales Specialist certificate