A file cabinet on one side with a server on the other. The server is in next to a large white cloud, indicating it is a file storage folder in the cloud.

Fishbowl built its consulting practice around helping organizations solve costly and frustrating knowledge sharing problems by utilizing the content management components that today are known as Oracle WebCenter. In this instance, we assisted a customer with a migration from their on-premises WebCenter Content server to hosting the server in Azure (Microsoft’s cloud).

This customer had been utilizing Oracle WebCenter Content from a legacy server containing legacy data. No new content was being checked in, but a few end users still needed to reference the old content items it contained. Worried about the safety and security of the content residing on the legacy server, a new solution was needed. Losing the data to a version upgrade gone wrong or failed storage device would have negatively impacted the company’s business.

Because of this, they needed a way to ensure their data would be accessible to whoever needed it and that they wouldn’t risk the server going down, as well as a solution that would cost less than maintaining it and its associated hardware on-premises. Since the company already had a server infrastructure created in Azure, they decided that this would be the best fit for this WebCenter instance as well. Knowing the project would take time and expertise they did not have, they reached out to Fishbowl Solutions for help.

Our software consultants got to work copying all WebCenter configurations to the new cloud instance. Based on the company’s needs, our team chose two Azure servers that fit within their budget. From there, they could update the admin and node manager’s start and stop scripts, followed by connecting the admin server to the new database. Once this was done, they set up auto-run scripts and validated everything was running correctly. After our testing, we handed off to the client for user acceptance testing to be sure any issues were found and resolved before project go-live.

This was a planned three week-long project, with the customer hoping to have it done as soon as possible. Fishbowl’s team accomplished the migration in two weeks exactly. Even with a bump in the road – needing to reset the customer’s admin password due to them having forgotten it – the Fishbowl team rallied to exceed the customer’s expectations and deliver the project ahead of schedule.

With the customer’s WebCenter Content server now in Azure, they’re able to save money, based on the lesser cost of running this server in Azure, as well as no longer having to worry about managing the OS and security updates. They will be able to conveniently access the data when needed and not worry about the potential headaches, such as a downed legacy server.

If your company is looking to lift and shift to the cloud, please reach out to us at Fishbowl Solutions via info@fishbowlsolutions.com or the contact form at the bottom of this page. We would be more than happy to consult with you regarding possible WebCenter migrations and cloud infrastructure solutions.