Head Nurse enters data into healthcare center's database on desktop computer

Staying on top of regulations and maintaining security and support of IT resources including software systems are top of mind to companies within the healthcare industry. From the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to Chain of Custody Forms (CCF), information and data are highly regulated, and misuse of data can cost a hospital or clinic millions of dollars.

When content is stored within a content management system, such as Oracle WebCenter, administrators have an easier time finding information needed for audits and reviews, or for reference as part of a business process, such as contract renewals. However, if WebCenter is not on the latest version and needs to be upgraded, issues can arise, and information can fall through the cracks. Furthermore, not upgrading to the latest release of software can open companies up to security risks and vulnerabilities. Acknowledging this was a concern, a US healthcare provider in the Southwest reached out to Fishbowl needing to upgrade their WebCenter instance from to the latest in both their production and non-production environments. They had several existing custom components that were also important to their system and needed to stay in place.

While planning the project, it was decided that an in-place upgrade would be the preferred approach, allowing the provider to remain on their same supported hardware. After the upgrade was complete, the Fishbowl team would work to update the custom components to ensure continued compatibility. In a span of six weeks the project went from kick-off to a successful go-live. The customer is now ensured that support for their system is extended out as far as their Oracle support terms allow.