About Us

We are Fishbowl Solutions.

We create packaged software and develop custom solutions using the latest Oracle, Google, Mindbreeze, and PTC technologies. With offices in the US and the UK we help some of the world’s most recognized brands improve access to information and enable innovation.


Our software extends the technologies we work with every day. Inspired by thousands of past projects, we write software to solve common customer problems instead of repeating custom work.


Our collaborative approach combines decades of technical experience with new innovations. From simple installations to advanced development work, our team is dedicated to making each project a success.


We provide support and managed services with personalized service. We know the specifics of each customer’s environment and go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our partners.

We’re proud to call these great companies our strategic partners. Every solution we offer builds on the capabilities of Oracle, PTC, Google, or Mindbreeze technology. Together we create amazing experiences for our customers.

Our leaders.

Tim Gruidl

Tim Gruidl

President & Founder

As the president and founder of Fishbowl Solutions, Tim has been the driving force behind its success since 1999. Tim’s expertise delivering content management solutions, passion for technology, and genuine commitment to customers and partners have paved the way for the company’s growth and innovation. Tim continues to set the vision for Fishbowl’s future and invests in the development of every Fishbowl employee.

Gus Thompson

Gus Thompson

Director of Sales

Gus Thompson is a seasoned sales and marketing leader with a proven track record in professional services, applied technology, and cyber resiliency. With a focus on simplifying complexity, optimizing team performance, and nurturing enduring relationships, Gus excels as an intrapreneur, driving businesses and individuals to their next level. At Fishbowl Solutions, Gus spearheads sales initiatives, leveraging his expertise to propel the company forward in delivering innovative solutions and unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Dan Gronseth

Dan Gronseth

Director of Services

As the Director of Services, Dan Gronseth is responsible for aligning the Services Department with Fishbowl’s vision and strategy. As an Executive Leadership Team member, Dan is instrumental in creating and executing strategies and business plans while developing the department’s capabilities in terms of demand creation and service delivery. Dan Manages a team of billable consultants while being responsible for client engagement planning, staffing, execution, quality and client satisfaction of technical projects and solutions. Dan has a twenty year record of accomplishment, with proven IT leadership, planning and management skills. Keen ability to analyze risk vs. benefit, with ability to successfully envision, implement, and manage results.

Greg Maschino

Greg Maschino

Director of Finance

As the Director of Finance, Greg provides financial insight for the decision-making and planning processes to further the responsible growth of the company. While keenly overseeing the overall accounting process, he plays a key role in developing and implementing financial procedures to improve and maintain the financial health of the company. Greg comes to Fishbowl with many years of finance experience within the software and consulting industry.

Jerry Aber

Jerry Aber

Director of Solutions

Jerry brings to Fishbowl over 20 years of experience in the information systems field. As our lead solution architect, Jerry excels at solution design, roadmap development, and implementation strategy in a wide array of project areas. Before joining Fishbowl in 2010, Jerry already had a proven track record as a systems development leader at MoneyGram where he was recognized by Oracle Magazine as Content Management Architect of the Year.

Greg Bollom

Greg Bollom

Director of Product Development

As the Director of Product Development, Greg is responsible for Fishbowl’s Oracle WebCenter and GSA software add-ons. Greg oversees the architecture, design, and development of new and existing Fishbowl products. With nearly 20 years of experience, Greg has a thorough understanding of Oracle WebCenter. Greg held several consulting roles including five years at Stellent before joining Fishbowl in 2005.

Ross Jessen

Ross Jessen

Director of Engineering

Ross has been with Fishbowl for ten years and leads our Engineering and PLM team. He has over 20 years experience working with CAD/PDM/PLM implementations. With his extensive knowledge of PTC software, he has been responsible for expanding our engineering breadth and growing our customer relationships. Prior to joining Fishbowl, Ross held engineering and management positions at Wavecrest, Rand, and Cascade Medical.

Our values.

Customer First

We strive to exceed customer expectations and personally invest in each project.


We take initiative and have the intrinsic motivation to achieve our personal best every day.

Intellectual Agility

We are curious and innovative; quick to learn. We apply our combined knowledge to deliver results.


We differentiate ourselves by our teamwork, collaboration and focus on delivering results.

Continuous Learning

We seek to understand for the benefit of the team and our customers.

Our story.

It all started with a post-it note.

Fishbowl President, Tim Gruidl, always wanted to start his own business, but Fishbowl’s defining moment came in 1998. At that time Tim was an MBA student. A professor emphasized the power of writing down goals. So Tim did. On a post-it note that remains framed in his office today are the words, “Start my own company by 2001”. After that, it took just 9 months. Tim started Fishbowl in the basement of his home on May 10th, 1999. Tim’s previous experience selling enterprise software exposed him to common gaps present in the processes used by manufacturers. Many of these problems were caused by poor information sharing, so Tim partnered with PTC and Stellent to solve them.

What’s in a name?

It was a philosophy class at St. John’s University that inspired Tim to name his company Fishbowl Solutions. In this class Tim was introduced to fishbowl discussions in which 4 to 5 people formed an inner circle – the fishbowl – to discuss a topic, and there was an outer circle of listeners. Listeners could join in at any time, but once they did someone from the inner circle had to leave. Combining discussion with active listening brought new ideas to the fishbowl, and that is what we strive to do with customers. Our logo depicting a ladder leading out of a fishbowl represents Fishbowl Solutions as the innovative way to solve your problem.

A culture of success.

Tim credits Fishbowl’s success to employees’ commitment to Fishbowl’s founding values. Since day one, our values have been the driving force behind the people we hire and the way we work with customers. Not only do we believe in hiring technically competent team members, but those who have a passion for learning, a dedication to our customers, and a willingness to help each other out. Fishbowl was built by bringing together great people who shared these values. Over twenty years later, the Fishbowl team continues to deliver great solutions rooted in these values.

Our customers.

Interested in working here?

We’re always looking for smart, passionate minds to join our team.