Oracle Autonomous Mobile Cloud Enterprise Consulting Services

Expert design and development services for mobile applications.

Oracle Autonomous Mobile Cloud Enterprise (AMCe) services provides comprehensive mobile application capabilities including database & content storage, push notifications, offline syncing, and built-in analytics. These capabilities don’t need back-end hardware and software, which makes it easy for AMCe to bring many aspects of a business to mobile devices. Fishbowl Solutions has been building mobile applications for over eight years, and we can help your company design and develop its mobile application using Oracle AMCe.

Oracle AMCe application development options.


Fishbowl’s approach to create Hybrid Mobile applications is to use Apache Cordova. This allows us to use web technologies to create the experience while also being able to leverage native capabilities on the devices. By using this approach, development teams are able to re-use a large percentage of the code on both the mobile application and the portal/website application.

React Native

Fishbowl can also build mobile applications using React Native. Such applications are built using only JavaScript. React Native apps use the same UI building blocks as regular iOS or Android apps, but they are put together using Javascript and React. If you’re looking for the performance and functionality of a mobile app similar to Facebook, we can use React Native with Oracle AMCe to build one.


Fishbowl has extensive experience building Android and iOS native mobile apps, and now with Oracle AMCe the development process is even easier. Oracle AMCe includes SDKs for iOS and Android, which include most of what is needed to build a mobile app. With a few lines of code, we can build your native app that connects to your backend data sources to display relevant business information.

No-code mobile app development with Oracle Mobile Application Accelerator.

Looking to speed up your mobile application development? Fishbowl Solutions also has experience utilizing Oracle Mobile Application Accelerator (MAX) to build mobile applications. With the MAX application, it is possible to quickly put together a mobile app through a drag-and-drop process and configuration. UI elements can be added to your screen layout of choice, and then mapped to your data sources.

Oracle AMCe application development options.


We use a Visual Driven Design process to design your app or work with your design agency.


Identity management and single sign on integrations.

Data Source Integrations

Display content from Oracle WebCenter, Engagement Cloud, E-Business Suite, etc.

Analytics Integrations

Leverage Oracle AMCe’s built-in analytics or integrate with Google Analytics.

Proof of Concepts

Provision mobile cloud instances to build your POC.

3rd-Party Development

Create mobile web applications with Google Firebase.

Oracle Autonomous Mobile Cloud Services in action.


Increase employee engagement with a social app for all employees of the global company. Employees comment, like, and post about company news and events. 


Enable parents to access all relevant student information – schedules, grades, events, etc. Receive updates on lunch balances, test scores and more through push notifications.


Leverage the Internet of Things to update machine owners on vending machine purchases. Send notifications to re-stock items. View current inventory per machine.

Mobilize your business information with Oracle’s industry-leading mobile cloud platform.

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