Employee Digital Workplace

Employee Digital Workplace:
Inform, Engage, Retain

How work in the enterprise gets done has changed – forever. Employees expect to communicate, collaborate, and share knowledge regardless of time, space, or device. Enter the digital workplace. See Fishbowl’s example (Time – 7:28).

Industry Case Studies


This company consolidated multiple, legacy portals into one digital workplace. 60,000 employees now use a digital workplace that features Jive for collaboration, Google search, and access to cloud-based and on-premise business applications.

Health Insurance

Acquisitions and mergers over the years left numerous intranets in use by various entities. This 50,000 person company consolidated all of them into one enterprise portal that supports 7,000 concurrent users.

Property & Casualty Insurance

An unsupported Oracle SiteStudio-based intranet was causing administration challenges and wasn’t engaging employees. This company implemented a modern, mobile-ready portal with business user contribution capabilities for 2,400 employees.


Cost-effective research for the government requires intuitive systems to gather information. This company’s Digital Workplace leverages Google Search, cloud-based document sharing, and PeopleSoft integrations to drive research initiatives.

Deep understanding of the key elements of the WebCenter employee digital workplace.


Content Management

For over 17 years we’ve helped companies securely manage their policies, creative assets, legal documents and more.

Enterprise Portals

Fishbowl helps organizations leverage their portal to bring together collaboration, social, self-service, and search capabilities to engage users across devices.

Collaboration Systems

We’ve worked with Jive and other collaboration systems to provide social capabilities in the workplace.


Request PTO. View vacation balances. Process workflow items. Make your portal sticky by enabling employees to complete tasks like these from one location.

Enterprise Search

Design an experience and enable search across repositories to return highly relevant and categorized results to users.

Identity & Access Management

Experience with Oracle Identity Management to automatically manage users’ access privileges to a portal and associated data sources.

Proven framework to build out the employee digital workplace: Portal Solution Accelerator.

User Experience Design

Start with persona mapping and user journeys, and incorporate branding and style elements to build a mobile-ready portal.

Content Integration. Personalization. Governance.

Configure profile-based contribution. Personalize content. Enable role-based contribution and administration.

Single Sign-On Integration

Provide a single point to contribute and access content. Surface data from ERP, CRM, and other business systems.

Collaboration & Enterprise Search Integration

Incorporate native or third-party social features into the portal. Integrate robust, secure, and relevant search capabilities.

Application Integration

KPIs, financial charts, HR content. Deliver business system data through personalized links or consume directly on the portal.

Support working style changes. Focus on employee experience. Enhance productivity. Win the war on talent.

Organization Redesign

According to Deloitte’s 2017 Global Human Capital Trends report, 92% of companies are prioritizing a possible redesign of their organization.

Dissatisfied Employees

A Society for Human Resource Management survey found that only 7% of employees were “very satisfied” with their jobs.

Employee Retention

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the years workers had been with their current employer was 4.2 in January 2016, down from 4.6 in January 2014.

UX Focus

Deloitte’s 2017 HR trends showed that 80% of executives believed user experience was important, but only 22% believed they were excellent at building it.

Platform for the employee digital workplace or intranet.

Fishbowl can leverage Oracle WebCenter Content and Oracle WebCenter Portal, Oracle WebCenter Portal Cloud Service, or the Oracle Content and Experience Cloud to build employee digital workplaces. These industry leading products manage, secure, and present relevant information to employees across devices. Leveraging these platforms enable organizations to build purpose-built, high-performing digital experiences at scale.

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