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CM Box Powered by WebCenter

Fishbowl Solutions’ CM Box Powered by WebCenter is your key to delivering Structured Websites powered by Oracle WebCenter. CM Box is designed to seamlessly integrate with WebCenter Content, enhancing its functionality and providing you with a comprehensive suite of tools to elevate your structured site building and asset management capabilities. 

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At Fishbowl Solutions, we believe in empowering organizations to maximize the value of WebCenter Content. CM Box offers a range of features and benefits specifically tailored to enhance your Oracle WebCenter experience: 

Effortless Migration

CM Box simplifies the transition from Oracle Content Management (OCM) to Oracle WebCenter with seamless migration tools, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum data integrity throughout the process.

Structured Site Building

CM Box offers modern site building tools integrated with Oracle WebCenter, enabling organizations to create, customize, and manage structured sites quickly and easily. CM Box adheres to modern CMS standards, providing a streamlined and intuitive interface for building and managing externally facing channels. 

Enhanced Asset Management

With CM Box, users gain access to advanced asset management capabilities tailored for modern content delivery. From organizing and categorizing assets to automatic generation of responsive image formats and accelerated contribution and management, CM Box streamlines the asset management process for increased efficiency. 

Expandable Solution

CM Box deploys both GraphQL and REST APIs to allow for flexibility and integration into a multitude of different applications, enabling you to expand your solution to meet your everchanging needs.

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Explore the intuitive interface of CM Box and witness firsthand how easy it is to create, customize, and manage structured websites. With CM Box, powered by Oracle WebCenter, you can streamline your site building process and elevate your digital presence with ease.

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Unlock New Possibilities with CM Box Powered by WebCenter 

CM Box Powered by WebCenter empowers you to build better websites and manage assets more effectively for your external channels. By leveraging CM Box, you’ll get the most out of your Oracle WebCenter investment and captivate your audience with engaging digital experiences. Whether you’re looking to streamline your digital asset management, enhance your content delivery capabilities, or improve collaboration across teams, CM Box has you covered. 

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