Fishbowl Solutions General Availability of  Document Assembly for Oracle WebCenter Content

Solution exposes simple steps to assemble individual documents and create a comprehensive manual managed in WebCenter

October 6, 2020

Fishbowl Solutions, an Oracle partner, has announced the general availability of their Document Assembly product for Oracle WebCenter Content. Document Assembly enables users to search, select, and order documents, assembling them to form one, master document or manual that is managed in WebCenter. Users can order the manual in logical sections and configure Document Assembly to include a cover page and a table of contents. 

Fishbowl’s Document Assembly product was developed in response to feedback from WebCenter customers, especially in the manufacturing industry, who create manuals for standard operating procedures, work instructions, policies and procedures, or similar process-centric documentation. While WebCenter contains robust versioning, workflow, and rendition features to manage such high-value content, it does not feature the ability to systematically select individual documents and assemble them to create a manual. Furthermore, standard components such as a table of contents, a cover page, and the ability to add company logos or other branding elements have to be done manually. 

Fishbowl’s Document Assembly for Oracle WebCenter exposes new menus and metadata forms in WebCenter making it easy for users to search, select, order, and assemble the contents of a manual in a matter of minutes. Once created, the software solution ensures document integrity and version control by checking out the manual when changes are being made – items are added, deleted, etc. Additionally, if individual documents are checked out and then back in, Fishbowl’s Document Assembly triggers a republish of the document. With this solution, WebCenter customers will save time in creating master documents or manuals, as well as ensure the contents of such documents are managed as individual items instead of having to manage/revise multiple content items that would make up a master document. 

The product is available directly from Fishbowl Solutions and can be used with Oracle WebCenter 11g or 12c. For Fishbowl’s ControlCenter customers, the product can be purchased as a separate, licensed component, providing all the same features and functionality from the ControlCenter user interface. 

“Fishbowl Solutions continues to focus on helping our customers solve their costly and frustrating knowledge sharing problems, and Document Assembly is an example of how that focus drove us to create a product to ease and expedite the creation of manuals,” said Fishbowl president Tim Gruidl. “Many organizations rely on manuals to drive accurate processes and updating or creating those manuals from scratch can be a lengthy process fraught with errors. Document Assembly should ease manual creation and management in WebCenter, and help customers not currently managing manuals in WebCenter do so.”

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Fishbowl Solutions was founded in 1999. They are a Gold member of the Oracle Partner Network and an Oracle Cloud Standard partner, focusing on solutions for Oracle WebCenter, Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, Oracle Digital Assistants, and Oracle Content and Experience Cloud Service. As an officially certified Oracle Specialized Partner, Fishbowl Solutions is dedicated to helping organizations solve complex information problems involving portal, content, imaging, document management, and user experience, and is a recognized leader and innovator within the Oracle partner
community. Fishbowl Solutions provides a competitive advantage in the market due to its own suite of add-on software solutions that work with the Oracle WebCenter to enhance their functionality and help customers do more with the resources and systems they have. 


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