Fishbowl Webinar: Los Angeles Unified School District Uses Oracle WebCenter and Mobile Hub to Improve Parent/Guardian Communications

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) leveraged Oracle WebCenter Content and the Oracle Mobile Hub platform to build a parent/guardian mobile application. Parents/guardians in the district have been using the mobile app for about 1 year, and it has provided them with a single-entry point to student information including attendance, assignments, and grades.

Watch the full webinar and demo below given by the LAUSD’s Director of IT, Varouj Seuylemezian, as he discusses how they designed, built, and deployed this mobile app to ensure better parent and guardian visibility into their student’s school life. Listen as he details how Oracle WebCenter, Oracle Mobile Hub, and Oracle Identity Cloud Service were integrated to form the architectural foundation for this mobile app.

Full Webinar

Customer Story & Demo

Customer Demo