Webinar: Automate and Expedite PTC Windchill Bulk Loading

When implementing Windchill, data migration is one of the most important and least attractive parts of any such project.  How you plan and execute on your data migration can mean the difference between successful launch or a project plunging into chaos.

During the webinar we used real customer success stories to discuss and demo the 4 main categories of migration projects including:

  1. Windchill Merge
  2. Migrating Data from File Systems
  3. Migrating Data from 3rd Party PDM/PLM
  4. WTPart (eBOM / Enterprise Parts)

Listen to how customers accelerated their implementation and improved their ROI.

This is a can’t miss session for organizations considering merging their Windchill instances or learning how to speed up bulk loading data from Creo, Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Documents, WTParts and more into Windchill PDMLink and Pro/INTRALINK.

Watch the Recording

From Start to Finish

Our extensive migration experience combined with our proprietary bulk loading solutions and PTC Windchill Bulk Migrator experience has elevated us as one of the world’s premiere PTC Data Migration specialists. Fishbowl has proven processes and proprietary applications to migrate data from network folders and other PDM/PLM systems into Windchill. Our approach prioritizes quality, effectiveness, and speed while minimizing engineer downtime.