Augmented Reality Solutions for Enhanced Customer Experience

Design and technical services to create enterprise-ready augmented reality solutions.

Augmented Reality (AR) applications can help organizations improve manufacturing efficiencies, service resolution times, and the overall customer experience. Through ThingWorx Studio and Vuforia, PTC provides powerful design platforms to create AR applications quickly. Through Oracle’s Customer Experience Solutions, organizations can transform critical business processes like sales and service through mobile-ready, purpose-built applications. Fishbowl Solutions uses its design and development expertise to meld the capabilities of both platforms to create enterprise AR applications.

Develop AR solutions leveraging the industry’s most advanced and widely adopted technology platform.

PTC Vuforia enables customers to visualize, instruct, guide, and improve interactions with physical things. The Vuforia product portfolio includes solutions that provide customers the ability to develop cross-platform AR applications that incorporate CAD (computer-aided design) and IoT (Internet of Things) data, view them on mobile devices as well as smartglasses like Microsoft Hololens, and share PTC Creo 3D CAD content through AR with third parties.

Augmented Reality Vuforia PTC

Integrate business application data from Oracle’s Customer Experience Solutions

Oracle Customer Experience Cloud Augmented Reality

The AR experience can be greatly enhanced by surfacing data from backend business applications. Oracle’s Customer Experience Cloud offers solutions for Sales, Service, Marketing, and more. Information from these sources can be used to provide context within AR apps to help customers see different product options, service information or recommendations, and even make purchases.

Augmented reality consulting services.



We use a Visual Driven Design process to design your app or work with your design agency.

Data Source Integrations

Display content from Oracle Service or Sales Cloud, Oracle WebCenter, PTC Windchill, etc.

Proof of Concepts

Provision cloud instances to build your POC.


Identity management and single sign on integrations.

Analytics Integrations

Integrate with Google Analytics or other platforms.

Resale and Implementation

Sell and implement PTC Vuforia licenses.

Augmented reality in action.

Field Service

Overlay product documentation on a mobile device. For Internet of Things (IoT) enabled machines or devices, real-time data could be used to highlight part failures or variances.

Customer Service

A field technician may take a virtual form to help customers fix simple solutions or troubleshoot what they need to do get products working again.


Use AR to create virtual showrooms for your products. Give your customers interactive and immersive experiences using their mobile devices.

Visualize the future of customer experience with augmented reality solutions.

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