Digital Assistant & Chatbot Demo Videos

The following Digital Assistant and Chatbot demo videos highlight use cases for:

  • Customer service
  • Sales enablement
  • Returning product pricing and availability information from Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Retrieving construction related project information from Procore
  • Clinical trial interactions using voice
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Looking up the weather in various cities
  • Verifying the number of PTO days left
  • Searching for documents in Oracle WebCenter Content
  • Customer Self-Service
  • Account management with a sanitation company
  • End-to-end explainer on the benefits of modernizing Oracle Forms with AuraPlayer and Fishbowl Solutions


Oracle Digital Assistant Chatbot demo

Digital Assistant for ServiceNow

Request and Respond to Service Requests

Digital Assistant for Zendesk

Initiate Service and Hand Off to Human Agent

Sales Enablement Digital Assistant for Salesforce

Automating Admin Tasks in Salesforce

Digital Sales Assistant: Retrieving Product Pricing and Availability Information from Oracle E-Business Suite

Retrieving Product Pricing & Availability

Looking Up Full Warehouse Details for a Part

Construction Field Service Enablement: Retrieving Project Information from Procore

Surface Procore Project Information to Users through Slack

Enable Users through Slack to Upload New Images to Procore, as well as Search for Images.

Digital Assistant to Help Facilitate a Clinical Trial

Patient Interaction to Retrieve more Trial Information (VOICE ENABLED).

Employee Self-Service: Integrations with Weather Apps, Oracle E-Busines Suite, and Oracle WebCenter Content

Looking Up the Weather in Various Cities (VOICE ENABLED).

Looking Up Vacation Balances and Searching for Documents in Oracle WebCenter.

Digital Assistant for Customer Service: Using Facebook Messenger to Facilitate Account Management

Customer service account management with a sanitation company.

Oracle Forms Modernization with AuraPlayer and Fishbowl Solutions

End-to-End Explainer showing how to Modernize Oracle Forms.

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