Introducing Fishbowl’s Microsoft Teams App for Oracle WebCenter

Currently, there are more than 100 million daily active users worldwide of Microsoft Teams. This popular collaboration tool will continue to grow and as it does, more content will be shared and stored within it. This could present organizational problems around document security, accessibility, and overall findability – especially for organizations that use WebCenter as the system of record.

To harmonize user needs for collaboration with enterprise content management capabilities, Fishbowl developed the Microsoft Teams App for Oracle WebCenter Content. The integration leverages the Teams’ interface as a front-end to search and view content existing in WebCenter, as well as the ability to check in (store) content to WebCenter. Teams’ users never have to leave the Teams’ interface to perform these functions. To learn more about this product and its capabilities, join us for a webinar on October 14th.

Attend this webinar if you and your organization:

  • Currently use or plan to use Microsoft Teams
  • Oracle WebCenter is (for now and the near future) the system of record
  • Would like to be able to access and share files stored in Oracle WebCenter Content within Microsoft Teams or check in (store) content within WebCenter directly from the Teams’ interface

Watch the webinar:

Only have time for the demo? Watch below: