Publish and share content between Microsoft Teams and PTC Windchill

Sharing documents between Microsoft Teams and PTC Windchill is a common business problem for manufacturers. The process can be cumbersome, time-consuming, and error-prone, requiring multiple saves and check-ins that make it difficult to know if the document is being updated in one system and not the other. This confusion can lead to issues later in the process.

Fishbowl Solutions has developed an integration app that simplifies the document sharing process and allows users to choose their preferred interface. The app enables users to choose their preferred interface, allowing heavy Teams users to work in Teams and heavy Windchill users to work in Windchill, and leverages the permissions within both systems to ensure secure document sharing and streamlined collaboration.

Secure Collaboration with Internal and External Resources

Windchill+Teams App Basic Architecture

Provide native Teams user experience to access Windchill project data in real-time


Full File Management capabilities, including: Searching, browsing, creating folders and files


Explore files and folders stored in a Windchill Project


Create new MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files


Copy, Move, and Rename Windchill files and folders


Download single or multiple files

windchill in teams

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