Microsoft Teams Integration for Oracle WebCenter Content

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Collaborate in Teams – Store and Manage in Oracle WebCenter.

Fishbowl’s Microsoft Teams Integration for Oracle WebCenter Content is a solution that enables Microsoft Teams’ users to search and view content existing in WebCenter from their Teams’ site, as well as perform a content check-in from Teams to WebCenter. The solution enables users within organizations that have both Microsoft Teams and Oracle WebCenter to further leverage Teams for document collaboration but ensure content resulting from that collaboration can easily be stored in WebCenter.

Use the Teams interface to access content in WebCenter.

Teams users never have to leave their sessions to search, view, or check in content to WebCenter.

Download WebCenter content items to Teams.

Secure and simple steps to add content from WebCenter to your Teams’ site.


Ensure one system of record.

Final versions of content are easily stored in WebCenter for retention management.

Remove the “where is my content stored?” question.

Add content to WebCenter - no check-in screens.

Final versions, or content matching certain criteria, can be checked-in to WebCenter directly from Microsoft Teams.

Reduce time spent searching for content.

Teams’ preferred user interface becomes the system to use to search for content in WebCenter.

Collaborate, Edit, Manage - all within Microsoft Teams.

Access content from WebCenter. Check out and edit that content within the browser. Store content back in WebCenter.

Simple features to pair collaboration with effective content management.


Teams' Search

Search and view content using Teams’ inherent search and chat capabilities.

Content Browsing

Browse items from a WebCenter list, profile, or folder.

Content Previews

View thumbnails of content items as well as associated content information.

Batch Uploads

Multi-upload content items with varying metadata.


Simple, Secure Editing

Secured document editing in the browser using Microsoft Office Online.


Version Control

Ensure retention management in Oracle WebCenter.

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Collaborate in Teams. Store and Manage in WebCenter.

Harmonize user wants for collaboration and content sharing in Teams’ with WebCenter’s enterprise content management capabilities. Contact us to see how.