Beyond Oracle Content Management (OCM)

Fishbowl Solutions’ Tailored Approach to Your Content Management Evolution

Unlock the Future: Comprehensive Migration Path from OCM

Prepare your organization for the next era of content management as Oracle Content Management (OCM) approaches its end of life. Our tailored migration services are designed to guide businesses through a limited hassle-free transition, ensuring a swift and secure move to cutting-edge options for content management solutions to continue business continuity.

Why Entrust Your OCM Migration to Fishbowl Solutions?

Embarking on a migration journey requires a partner who understands the intricacies of Oracle Content Management and has the vision to propel you toward innovative alternatives.

For 25 years, our team of seasoned professionals specializes in crafting bespoke solutions, offering a roadmap that aligns with your business goals. We prioritize a collaborative approach, working closely with your team to streamline the migration process, minimize disruptions, and maximize the potential of your new content management system.

Our Comprehensive Services Include:

Current State OCM Assessment and Inventory:

Gain in-depth insights into your existing Oracle Content Management (OCM) setup through our assessment and inventory services. Understand the current landscape to inform a strategic migration plan.

Holistic Content Management Migration Strategies:

Craft a comprehensive migration strategy that goes beyond the surface. Our holistic approach ensures a seamless transition, considering all facets of your enterprise content management needs.

Smooth Transition to Oracle WebCenter or Alternative:

Whether migrating to Oracle WebCenter or exploring alternative platforms, Fishbowl Solutions ensures a smooth transition. We leverage our 25 years of expertise to guide you to the best-fit solution.

Ongoing Support for Your Current OCM System During the Migration:

Experience uninterrupted support throughout the migration process. Fishbowl Solutions provides ongoing assistance to ensure your current Oracle Content Management system remains operational and effective.

Tailored Training Programs to Empower Your Team:

Knowledge is key. Fishbowl Solutions offers customized training programs to empower your team with the necessary skills to navigate and maximize the potential of the new content management system.

Empowering Your Journey to a New Content Management System (CMS)

Asset Management

From creating a content repository to defining content localization policies, our experts guide you through every step of Asset Management


Content Sites

Whether it’s a simple landing page, a customer portal, or harnessing headless content capabilities, our seasoned consultants optimize your use of Content Management Sites features

Document Management

Optimize your document workflows. Our experts assist in implementing efficient document management strategies, leveraging features like pre-built connectors, an extensible API, and more.

Navigating the Transition: A Deep Dive into Our Migration Process

Our comprehensive migration process is designed to intricately analyze and understand your organization’s specific migration needs. Tailoring our approach to how Oracle Content Management has been utilized within your operations, we delve into distinct areas, ensuring a thorough and customized evaluation that sets the foundation for a seamless transition.

User and Access Management

Migrate user accounts, profiles, and permissions to the new system to ensure seamless access for authorized users.

Content Migration

Transfer files, documents, and multimedia content to the new platform while maintaining metadata and versioning information.


Search and Retrieval

Replicate or enhance search configurations to ensure efficient and accurate content retrieval. Adjust indexing and searching algorithms to match the capabilities of the new content management system.

Data Validation

Conduct thorough validation checks to ensure data integrity and accuracy post-migration.

Workflows and Business Processes

Replicate or redesign workflows in the new system to ensure that business processes remain intact.


Folders and Taxonomies

Replicate folder structures and taxonomies in the new content management system to maintain organizational hierarchies.

Archiving and Purging

Develop strategies for archiving historical data and ensure compliance with retention policies. Establish processes for purging obsolete or redundant content.


Quality Assurance Testing

Perform comprehensive testing to identify and address any issues that may arise during or after migration.

Metadata and Custom Properties

Transfer metadata schemas and custom properties associated with content items to maintain structured data.

Third-Party Integrations

Address any integrations with third-party applications or services and update or replace any APIs and connectors used for integrating OCM with other systems.


User Training and Support

Develop training programs for end-users and Implement support mechanisms to assist users during and after the migration process.



Develop comprehensive documentation outlining the migration process, encompassing key steps, timelines, and dependencies.

What’s to Come…

Fishbowl Solutions is not just adapting to the change – we're innovating!

Step into a future beyond Oracle Content Management with confidence. Connect with us today to explore how our migration services can elevate your organization’s content management capabilities.

As we traverse this transition together, keep a lookout for new innovations from Fishbowl Solutions in the realm of content management. We’re diligently crafting a new content management solution that goes beyond the expected, setting a new standard for efficiency and innovation.

Discover more value from your organization's content.

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