Oracle Digital Assistant for Oracle Cloud HCM and PeopleSoft HCM

Schedule your 30 minute solution briefing and demo to see how the Oracle Digital Assistant can help Oracle Cloud HCM and PeopleSoft HCM customers reduce costs through task automation.

Fishbowl Solutions invites you to schedule a personalized solution briefing and branded demo to discover how the Oracle Digital Assistant can help employees using Oracle Cloud HCM or PeopleSoft HCM complete tasks, get answers to FAQs, and find information quickly. The goal of these 30-minute meetings is to help you understand how a digital assistant could help your company. This agenda will be used to uncover this information:


  • Customer’s (you) business problem or initiative
  • Potential use cases, channels (web, mobile, etc.), and integrations (Oracle, Workday, Kronos, etc.)
  • Art of the possible – demos of similar HR/HCM digital assistants Fishbowl has built
  • Next steps
Employee chats with a digital assistant regarding time off and vacation accrual in a chatbot interface

How could the Oracle Digital Assistant help your organization?

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