Oracle Utilities Customer Edge Conference 2022


Fishbowl’s Session Details:

Day: Monday, June 27 2022

Time: 4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.  CST

Location: Meeting rooms 2, 3, 4


The Oracle Utilities Customer Edge Conference is the premiere event for Oracle Customers, team members, partners, and executives. Fishbowl is a Build sponsor at this event, and our focus will be to showcase our mobile application built for the Oracle Utilities Network Management System. This mobile application uses Apache Cordova and Oracle JET, which allows us to take a hybrid mobile approach and use web technologies to create the experience while also being able to leverage native capabilities on the devices. By using this approach, we are able to re-use a large percentage of the code on both the mobile application and the portal/website application, helping to reduce the overall development costs. Oracle JET Hybrid Mobile runs on top of the Cordova framework allowing for easy creation of mobile agnostic applications for IOS and Android. Visit us in the exhibit hall to see a demo of our mobile application.

Fishbowl Solution is a preferred Oracle NMS partner. Here is a summary of our consulting services:

    + Design – wireframes, grey screen mapping, user journeys

    + Development – hybrid mobile or progressive web apps

    + Integrations – data sources, identity management, single sign on

    + Implementations – project scoping, installation, testing


Please let us know if you are attending by emailing

 For more information about this event, please visit the Oracle Utilities Customer Edge Conference Page.