Should you Partner or Use Internal Resources for your Cloud-Native or Mobile App Project


Starting and completing a large project for a company’s internal IT team is typically quite challenging. For example, developing a new enterprise portal, digital assistant, or mobile application can take months, if not years, and involve large teams of dedicated resources. Sometimes, certain IT projects should be outsourced to a partner either partially or fully. The question is when? What criteria should companies consider when choosing to complete IT projects on their own or with the help of a partner?

In this whitepaper, Fishbowl Solutions explores these questions by providing a real-world scenario of a company about to embark on building its first mobile application. We lay out the following options with the Good and Bad that could result if choosing that option:

hands pointing to different project plans spread on a table
  • Option 1: Build using internal IT resources
  • Option 2: Partner with another company proficient in mobile app design and development. This partner could get the project started, build portions of the app, provide the design, or advise on mobile dev best practices, technologies, etc.
  • Option 3: Partner with a mobile app development company and let them do most of the app development

With over 20 years of IT consulting experience coupled with over 10 years of mobile application development experience, Fishbowl provides a unique perspective for companies who are considering such projects but are not quite sure where to start and if they should partner. You can learn more about our mobile development services here and our custom app development services here.

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