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We don’t make WebCenter. We make WebCenter better.

At Fishbowl Solutions, we’ve been helping customers get the most out of Oracle WebCenter Content for nearly two decades. We specialize specifically in WebCenter and our roots go back to the days of UCM, Stellent, and even Xpedio. We know the Content Server inside and out. All of that experience gives us the insight and know-how to create plug-and-play add-on software products for Oracle WebCenter Content that solve common problems.


Proven Solutions

We don’t just sit around and dream up products. Every product we offer stems from specific customer problems we’ve seen time and time again. Our add-ons have been tried and vetted by the hundreds of customers who use them every day.

Updates & Enhancements

What if I need to upgrade? We’re one step ahead of you. We test and update our products as Oracle releases new versions to ensure compatibility. We also add new features based on customer feedback so they just keep getting better. View our Upgrades Webinar.


Confused about a configuration? Need help troubleshooting? No problem. Our software comes with documentation and support. Our support engineers go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction and get you up and running in no time.
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Document Assembly


Save time in creating master documents or manuals, as well as ensure the contents of such documents are managed as individual items instead of having to manage/revise multiple content items. Easily search, select, order, and assemble the contents of a manual in a matter of minutes with ensured document integrity and version control.


ControlCenter is an all-in-one solution for managing controlled documents. Keep documents updated with scheduled reviews. Maintain complete workflow history to support audit requirements. And manage items such as policies and work instructions from any device through ControlCenter’s responsive, easy-to-use interface.

Admin Suite

Admin Suite is a collection of our most popular add-ons for Oracle WebCenter Content. Simplify security mapping and reduce LDAP maintenance with our powerful rules engine. Automate check-ins from systems like ERP and CRM. Send automatic email notifications. Change metadata based on rules. Streamline workflows. And so much more.

Microsoft Teams for Oracle WebCenter Content Integration

Fishbowl’s Microsoft Teams Integration for Oracle WebCenter Content is a solution that enables Microsoft Teams’ users to search and view content existing in WebCenter from their Teams’ site, as well as perform a content check-in from Teams to WebCenter. Enable users within organizations that have both Microsoft Teams and Oracle WebCenter to further leverage document collaboration while ensuring content management practices.

The tools you need to keep WebCenter running like a charm.

Advanced User Security Mapping

WebCenter security administration has never been easier. A robust rules engine maps any combination of LDAP attributes to WebCenter roles so you don’t need dedicated groups for every permission level. Permission audit lets you see exactly who has access to a specific security group or account. And the user evaluation tool clearly traces permissions for any user.


Automatically convert AutoCAD drawings to web-viewable DWFs or PDFs upon check in. Hundreds of configuration options give you the flexibility you need. Force specific plot styles. Adjust line weights. And so much more. Managing AutoCAD drawings in WebCenter Content has never been easier.

Document Automation Suite

Document Automation Suite integrates the authoring process with WebCenter Content. Wondering what changed between two document revisions? Easy. We’ve integrated directly with Microsoft Word comparison. Eliminate duplicate data entry and reduce human error by syncing properties between native documents and WebCenter metadata.

Enterprise Batchloader

ERP. CRM. CAD systems. We’ve got you covered. Enterprise Batchloader gives you an automated integration point between countless third party software. The batchloader watch directory automatically loads content based on your defined output schedule. And an extensible pre-processor enables metadata mapping for greater business insight.

Office Online Server Connector

No more check out/in screens with metadata forms. No more downloading, saving, and editing documents outside of WebCenter. Just simple and familiar ways to access, edit, and collaborate on Microsoft Office content while maintaining WebCenter version control.

Mindbreeze InSpire Enterprise Search Appliance Connector

Trouble finding something you checked in? Use the Mindbreeze InSpire Enterprise Search Appliance to make searching WebCenter Content easy and relevant. Complex WebCenter security? No problem. Our connector supports an array of security configurations so you can maintain access controls.

Subscription Notifier

Automate WebCenter in countless ways with Subscription Notifier. Send sales a weekly list of updated materials. Notify marketing if web content is getting old. The flexible setup lets you target the right content at the right users on your schedule. Plus, query-based jobs target desired content and automatically perform actions like deleting old revisions or updating metadata.

Workflow Solution Set

Enhance WebCenter workflows with Workflow Solution Set. Easily see remaining reviewers and workflow status. Search documents in workflow. Sort and filter workflow lists. And automatically renotify reviewers based on scheduled timeouts. With Workflow Solution Set you’re in control. Workflow history is no longer buried in the database. Users can view complete history right from the content info page.

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Drop us a line. We’ve done hundreds of projects. Chances are whatever it is you’re looking for… we’ve seen it before. We’d be happy to explore together whether a software product or customization for Oracle WebCenter Content might be the right fit.