Admin Suite

For Oracle WebCenter Content

Say hello to our best collection of WebCenter add-ons.

Say goodbye to WebCenter headaches.

Flexible security.

Complicated security model? No problem. Admin Suite’s easy-to-use rules engine simplifies security mapping.

Automated batchloading.

Automate document check-ins from business systems like ERP and CRM. Map metadata for tighter integrations.

Enhanced workflows.

Search workflow items. Filter views. And customize the review pane. WebCenter workflow is easier than ever.

Scheduled jobs.

Send automatic email notifications. Change metadata based on rules. And never forget to update content again.

Flexible. Simple. WebCenter security.

Stop creating LDAP groups you don't need.

With Admin Suite’s easy rules engine you can map any combination of LDAP attributes to WebCenter roles—department, manager, OU—so you don’t need dedicated groups for every permission level.

Who can see Top Secret content? Wonder no more.

With Admin Suite’s permission audit you can see exactly who has access to a specific security group or account.

Eliminate frustrating access problems.

Admin Suite’s user evaluation clearly traces permissions for any user. No more screenshots of the user profile page. See for yourself each users’ roles, accounts, and the step-by-step rules behind them.

Batchloading so easy, you’d think content loads itself…

Oh wait. It does.

Load content from third party systems.

ERP. CRM. CAD systems. We’ve got you covered. Admin Suite’s batchloader gives you an automated integration point between countless third party software.

Watch for it.

The batchloader watch directory automatically loads content based on your defined output schedule. Weekly sales reports. Quarterly financial data. All automated. All in WebCenter Content.

Metadata mapping and more.

An extensible pre-processor enables tighter integration with JD Edwards, E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, and other applications for metadata mapping and greater business insight.

WebCenter workflow. Easy to use. Easy to track.


Search content in workflow.

Easily search documents in workflow. View remaining reviewers. And even see days in step.

Sort and filter workflow lists.

Configure metadata filters. Sort your queue. Show the right information for each workflow. And hide the rest.

View workflow history.

Workflow history is no longer buried in the database. View complete history right from the content info page.

Simplify timeouts.

Avoid the workflow black hole. Automatically renotify reviewers based on scheduled timeouts.

Customize review screens.

Prevent rejection. Change reviewer instructions. Or hide the download link. With Admin Suite you’re in control.

Track review comments.

Review comments are captured for both approvals and rejections and displayed as part of the document history.

Automate alerts. Update metadata. Trigger workflow.

Let scheduled jobs do it for you.

New content. Old content. And everything in between.

Send sales a weekly list of updated materials. Notify marketing if web content is getting old. Alert authors if their documents failed conversion. Flexible setup lets you target the right content at the right users. You can even attach documents to share with external parties.

Update. Check-out. Delete. Consider it done.

Query-based jobs target desired content and automatically perform actions. Delete revisions older than 5 years. Done. Update the expiration date on any items marked “Archived”. Done.

Flexible scheduler.

Monthly? Weekly? On-demand? Admin Suite’s flexible scheduler lets you run jobs on your schedule. Skip weekends. Use working hours. No problem. We’ve got you covered.

A word from our customers.

Besides a much simpler account structure, our performance has improved dramatically.

Government Contractor

I highly recommend—and commend—Fishbowl’s [Admin Suite] for anyone using Oracle WebCenter Content and wishing to do workflow processing.

Large Municipality

Creatively used, [Admin Suite] will revolutionize the way we manage content in Oracle WebCenter.

Major Media Outlet

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