Advanced User Security Mapping

for Oracle WebCenter Content

Flexible. Simple. WebCenter security.


Simplify access management.

Map any combination of LDAP attributes to WebCenter roles so you don’t need dedicated groups for every permission level.

Eliminate frustrating access problems.

Clearly trace permissions for any user to see their roles, accounts, and the step-by-step rules behind them.

Ensure compliance.

Evaluate user permissions and see exactly who has read, write, or admin access to sensetive content.

Bridge the gap between WebCenter Content security and your security model.


Stop waiting for users to log in before adding them to aliasses or workflows.


Assign user permissions, aliases, and access control lists based on LDAP attributes.


Layer multiple rules which grant or deny pemissions to support a flexible and granular security model.

The features you need for streamlined security.

Rules Engine

Create rules to map attributes, groups, and organizational units to roles, accounts, or aliases.

Evaluate User Permissions

Granualar permission audit lets you see exactly what roles and account users are assigned and the rules behind them.

Retrieve User Access Levels

Retrieve a list of all users with specific levels of access to security groups or accounts.

Product Overview and Demo

Eliminate WebCenter security headaches.

Let us show you how Advanced User Security Mapping simplifies WebCenter Content security.