Subscription Notifier

for Oracle WebCenter Content

Automate WebCenter in countless ways with Subscription Notifier.


Ensure content visibility.

Send emails to users for any items matching a set of rules.

Get ahead of deadlines.

Define a notification schedule to alert users of items nearing expiration.

Automate repetitive tasks.

Query-based jobs target desired content and automatically perform actions.

Proactive content notifications.

Contract Management

Enable knowledge workers to get ahead of contract renewals with scheduled notifications at 90, 60, and 30 days.

Sales Enablement

Provide key stakeholders with better visibility into new or updated sales or marketing material.

Web Content Management

Ensure proactive updates to web content for optimal SEO. Ensure employee portal pages are fresh and new to keep users coming back.

Task automation for WebCenter Content.

Policy & Procedure Management

Trigger a workflow process to alert users of content requiring review annually to ensure policies and procedures are current.

No more GenWWW Frustration

Don’t let refinery issues hamper content access. Resubmit items stuck in GenWWW automatically.

Manage Revision Overload

Overwhelmed with past revisions? Create rules to limit revision history by date or volume and automatically delete unwanted content.

The features you need to manage high-value content.

Resubmit for Conversion

Controlled resubmission of items that failed conversion.

Flexible Scheduler

Monthly? Weekly? On-demand? Run jobs on your schedule.


Update Metadata in Bulk

Add metadata update rules to on-demand jobs for easy bulk changes.

Jobs Run Report

Audit history of subscription job executions or failures.

Attach Files to Emails

Options to attach native or web-viewable files to notification emails.


Query-Based Notifications

Generate lists, such as sales assets, procedures, or news and email to users.

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Gain more insight to all your content.

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