Workflow Solution Set

for Oracle WebCenter Content

WebCenter workflow. Easy to use. Easy to track.

Extend workflow benefits.

Make it easy for users to access workflow items and process information.

Increase workflow effectiveness.

Ensure workflows steps are easy to follow with a customizable interface.

Deliver actionable feedback.

Provide explanations and details on why items were accepted or rejected.

Fill critical gaps in Oracle WebCenter Content workflow capabilities.

Search for Content in Workflow

Search for a document in a workflow without knowing the workflow or step name. View remaining reviewers and even see days in step.

View Workflow History

View workflow actions even after the item has been released. Tracking include both approval and rejection comments.

Sort and Filter Workflow Lists

Configure metadata filters. Sort your queue. Show the right information for each workflow. And hide the rest.

Features to get the most out of WebCenter workflows.


Approve with comments.

Enable comments for both approval and rejection. All comments are maintained in the document’s workflow history.

Customize notifications.

Provide users with clear, workflow-specific instructions within the review pane and workflow notification emails.

View workflow history.

Workflow history is no longer buried in the database. View complete history right from the content info page.

Simplify timeouts.

Avoid the workflow black hole. Automatically renotify reviewers based on scheduled timeouts.

Customize review screens.

Prevent rejection, change reviewer instructions, or hide the download link. Customize the review pane as desired.

Update the release date.

Update the content release date to reflect the final content approval and actual date of release.

Product Overview and Demo

Realize the true power of WebCenter Content workflows.

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