Standardized, current, and clean data for business process automation.

We offer a suite of value-add applications to address data cleansing requirements. Our tools execute mass updates to revisions, lifecycles, instance-based attributes, name, numbers, and so on for WTDocuments, WTParts, and EPMDocuments within Windchill.

Comprehensive data clean up capabilities.

Revision Updater

Have you ever completed a successful migration or batch load of objects only to discover that not all of the correct revisions have been assigned? Revision Updater can re-assign revision on a list of objects to avoid the painful process of re-migrating or reloading all of your data.


LinkPurge allows you to configure filters and identify outdated viewables that are then easily deleted. This simple yet powerful tool lets you recapture expensive vault space instantaneously.

Lifecycle State Updater

Lifecycle State Updater provides a means to mass-modify the lifecycle state for WTParts, WTDocuments, and EPMDocuments.


If system integration projects or company acquisitions are forcing mass rename or renumbering, use LinkRenumber to provide a simple and efficient method to bulk-modify the name or number on WTParts, WTDocuments, and EPMDocuments.

Attribute Updater

Attribute Updater assigns soft attributes (IBAs) to a list of objects without creating new iterations of each object. This solution uses a simple command line interface to assign values to  WTParts, WTDocuments, and EPMDocuments.


LinkTrigger ensures that the format associated with a drawing is on your approved format list and is the latest iteration available. It catches this common mistake early in the process, saving you time and effort. LinkTrigger also has a library of actions that are triggered by events in Windchill, such as checking data for accuracy, ensuring proper formats, and validating metadata. This product also assists your organization in meeting compliance with the RoHS WEEE directives.

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