Dynamically create and update engineering drawings.

Organizations can invest a lot of time and money into creating, updating and managing engineering drawings. When information changes, employees are tasked with checking out drawings, making updates, and then checking the drawings back into Windchill PDMLink or a similar system. This routine effort needs to take place even if the change is non-geometric – title block change, lifecycle change, BOM change, environmental and regulatory compliance markings and symbols, variant design, etc. Make this process easier with our System Generated Drawing Automation tool for PTC Windchill.

Companies have implemented Fishbowl’s System Generated Drawing Automation for PTC Windchill because it enables them to de-feature their CAD drawing which saves them tremendous time in the detail drafting phase. The remaining information is then pulled from the system(s) and overlaid/appended to create a complete drawing such as a specification document or stamped drawing.

This solution enables organizations to shift from a CAD-centric to a Part-centric approach and adopt an Enterprise Part Management philosophy across the organization. The result is saving time on drafting, instant updates to non-geometric changes and improved operational efficiency due to part data accuracy included with drawings and represented as a single, complete, static view that can be easily shared across your organization.

Benefits of System Generated Drawing Automation

Provide enterprise standard stamping solution

Remove drafting bottlenecks

Reduce errors

Increase procedural efficiencies

Supported environments

System Generated Drawing Automation for PTC Windchill gathers information from a variety of sources (both inside and outside PLM systems) and creates a template-based PDF that is overlaid along with the CAD geometry to produce a final document that can be dynamically stamped along with applicable lifecycle and approval information.

Part-centric design with de-featured drawings
Systematically combine data from multiple sources like BOM, CAD, Drawing/Model, Part Attributes, ERP
Multiple event triggers and workflow driven
Real-time watermarking

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