Introducing Elasticsearch for Oracle WebCenter and Fishbowl’s Enhanced ElasticSearch and Search Analytics Tools

Thousands of people access Oracle WebCenter Content every day to look for the content they need to do their work. As a system of record with robust capabilities, WebCenter Content makes managing content easier than ever, but often leaves administrators scratching their heads trying to determine how well it’s actually working for users.

Recently, Oracle announced it’s integration with Elasticsearch and Fishbowl Solutions went to work developing an Enhanced ElasticSearch integration to speed up searches, create ‘Best Bets’ results, and give admins the ability to boost particular documents as returned results. To build a communication bridge between users and admins, unlock valuable search data, and provide analytics on how users search within WebCenter, Fishbowl Solutions developed Search Analytics. To learn more about these two products and their capabilities, watch our webinar recording below.

Attend this webinar if you and your organization:

  • Want more data and analytics on how search is working for your users within Oracle WebCenter
  • Would like to improve users use of Oracle WebCenter by providing a better search experience
  • Are interested in what search options are available beyond the default search options in WebCenter

Note: In the webinar, we refer to Oracle’s research report on the various types of search. You can view this report by clicking this hyperlink.

search analytics dashboard with 3 bar graphs and a pie chart for oracle webcenter content

Watch the webinar:

Only have time for the demo? Watch below: