Companies don’t invest in Windchill so they can execute lengthy, complicated, expensive data migration projects. They invest in Windchill so they can realize the benefits of a well-executed PLM strategy. However, the lynchpin of a good Windchill deployment is getting accurate data into Windchill…and the faster it happens, the faster a company can move on their PLM strategy.

Fishbowl Solutions has worked with numerous customers on enterprise data migration projects over the years. When many companies first deploy Windchill their migration projects are dealing with CAD data and documents. Manually loading CAD data is far too time consuming. As mentioned, these activities are vital to success, but why waste valuable engineering resources that can be better utilized on engineering work.

Fishbowl Solutions has the LinkLoader family of apps that automate the loading of files/data into Windchill PDMLink. When it comes to CAD data and documents, the files might be on the network file system (NFS) or from 3rd party PDM, such as EPDM or PDMWorks. In fact, migrating Solidworks into Windchill PDMLink is probably the busiest I have ever seen.

Please note that Fishbowl can do a lot more than just migrate Solidworks from the file system, but hopefully this gives a little detail to some types of projects.

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