The Situation

A global commerce and technology company needed a better way to keep track of standard parts and supplier information for their electrical components and boards. Their solution was to develop a homegrown database application that grew over time into a more complex app. It worked. Though the app addressed their needs, over the years it became more difficult and expensive to maintain. Eventually, this homegrown solution could only run on outdated, unsupported infrastructure… and the only person who still understood the deep underpinnings retired from the company.

This billion-dollar company found itself in an extremely precarious situation. Their business continuity was at high risk and they didn’t have any favorable disaster recovery response if the homegrown solution were to crash.

The company had looked at Windchill PartsLink and Windchill Supplier Management (SUMA) as a possible replacement, but they had never ‘made a decision’ to change. With the high-risk looming over them, they made the decision to implement PartsLink and SUMA and they partnered with Fishbowl to migrate their application over into Windchill.

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