Fishbowl Solutions has been attending and sponsoring Oracle OpenWorld for over 10 years. While the topics and technologies have changed significantly over that time, and Oracle WebCenter has become less of a focus at the event, the Fishbowl team still always brings back new information regarding WebCenter from OpenWorld. That didn’t change this year. Across the presentations we gave and attended, as well as the WebCenter customer conversations we had, we have much to share with WebCenter customers. That is why we are hosting a webinar series this October to recap what we learned at OpenWorld, as well as introduce to you a new solution we’ve built that makes it easier to edit and manage Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel content existing in WebCenter. This solution should enable you and your organization to extend the capabilities of WebCenter even further leading to additional value.

Here is a summary of each webinar:

  • Oracle OpenWorld 2019 Recap
    Thursday, October 24th
    1 to 1:45 PM London Time (EMEA customers) | 12 to 12:45 PM CST

Join us as we share Oracle WebCenter’s product roadmap and new customer use cases for how to share/repurpose content in your WebCenter repository. We will also cover use cases for Oracle Content and Experience as we’ve implemented this product for customers to serve as a content hub for the web and mobile-based applications. One of the biggest technology/product highlights at OpenWorld was the Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA), so we will also share use cases to consider and customer successes with ODA (chatbots).

As the October webinars will be a series, we will spend the last 5 minutes or so previewing Fishbowl’s newest WebCenter product, and the topic of our next webinar, Office Online Server Connector (OOSC). We believe this product fills a critical need for users to be able to easily view, edit, collaborate on, and share Microsoft Office content stored in the WebCenter.

  • Introducing Fishbowl’s Office Online Server Connector for Oracle WebCenter
    Thursday, October 31st
    1 to 1:30 PM London Time (EMEA customers) | 12 to 12:30 PM CST

Fishbowl continues to invest in developing value-add solutions for WebCenter that help customers gain additional functionality and solve business and usability problems. One such problem we continued to hear from customers was that the process to edit Microsoft Office documents was still cumbersome. This was specifically problematic for more casual WebCenter users that just need to make quick edits to such content. While WebCenter’s check-in and check-out process helps maintain version control, casual users are turned off by this multi-step process and therefore avoid the system and store their content elsewhere. This can lead to copies of content items in circulation with the chance being high that inaccurate/outdated versions are shared externally.

 This was the case for a casualty insurance company that is using OOSC with WebCenter to enable their business development team to edit and collaborate on customer quote templates. Before, such templates were emailed to various stakeholders for review and editing, with the final version not typically checked in to WebCenter – due to the usability issues described above. This made it hard for the company to reuse such assets, which caused duplication of effort, inaccurate quotes being sent to customers, and wasted customer time. Now with OOSC, the customer is able to have multiple people review and edit customer quotes at the same time – directly within WebCenter – using Microsoft Office Online. Additionally, the last person performing edits is recognized as the person who checked in the content item, but the actual check-in process is transparently performed by OOSC when the last editor leaves the Microsoft Office Online program.

We will share more about this customer’s use case in the webinar. We hope you can join us!