Last August, we launched the Office Online Server Connector for WebCenter Content as our latest new product. As the name implies, this product connects Office Online Server with WebCenter Content, allowing WebCenter users to view and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents directly within WebCenter. This integration allows users to make updates to content without needing to check-out, download, edit locally, upload, and check-in – the connector handles the check-out and check-in process automatically. In addition, multiple users can edit the same document simultaneously, allowing for easier collaboration. We recently released version 2.0 of the Office Online Server Connector for WebCenter Content, which adds new features that expand the capabilities of the connector. The biggest new feature is the ability to check-in a new file from a template using Office Online Server. Documents can be defined as templates and assigned to profiles through an administration interface in WebCenter Content. The New Check-In page will then allow users to create new documents from these templates or from a new blank file, and the file will automatically be opened for editing in Office Online Server. Here is a short video highlighting this new feature: 
In addition to creating new files from pre-defined templates, users can also create copies of existing documents. By selecting “Copy & Edit in Office Online”, a new content item will be created with the same file as the selected document, allowing users to make new content items based on any existing documents in WebCenter. These new features simplify the content creation process for template-based documents while keeping users engaged in WebCenter and driving collaboration through the Office Online Server Connector’s real-time simultaneous editing functionality. Here is a video demonstration of this Copy & Edit functionality: 
Version 2.0 of the Office Online Server Connector for WebCenter Content contains these features as well as other enhancements and bug fixes. You can watch the full video highlighting these new features below. 
Contact Fishbowl Solutions support at if you’d like to upgrade your copy of the Office Online Server Connector. If you’d like to learn more about this product, please contact us at or 952-465-3400.