Search is key to running a successful business. Finding the right document when it’s needed keeps businesses running on time and on schedule. When a document is missing, or can’t be located, chaos can ensue. It’s important that companies’ search capabilities are up-to-date, working correctly, and always on. This is where Mindbreeze comes in. Mindbreeze InSpire appliances even include basic support from Mindbreeze so bug fixes and new releases aren’t missed. However, basic support doesn’t include configuration assistance or answering general questions.

As a Mindbreeze partner, Fishbowl Solutions is equipped to help with any questions we receive. We’re also able to file tickets with Mindbreeze on your behalf if you’ve purchased the Mindbreeze appliances from us. If you didn’t purchase your Mindbreeze appliance from Fishbowl, don’t worry. While we can’t submit tickets on your behalf, we can help with any other Mindbreeze issue you need help with. Our team can assist with questions regarding the following: 

  • Indexing: Indices, data sources, and built-in connectors
  • Serving: Filter and client services including previews, facets, and suggestions
  • Relevancy: help with query boosting, relevancy tuning, and rule-based adjustments
  • Search apps: search apps using the Search App Designer or default client
  • Query transformation: synonyms, replacements, stemming, and custom variables

If you have or are looking at implementing a Mindbreeze appliance, reach out to us and we can discuss maintaining and supporting your team. Fishbowl believes in Mindbreeze so much that our company database and external website both utilize Mindbreeze. For more information on Fishbowl enterprise support for Mindbreeze, please visit our support page.